NYC Sanitation Worker Shot In Broad Daylight

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<p>Disturbing video shows the moment a New York City sanitation worker is shot at point-blank range in broad daylight on the sidewalk of a busy Hell’s Kitchen street.</p>

<p>A shooter draws his gun and fires off three rounds as he walks toward the Department of Sanitation employee during a chaotic fight in front of 515 W. 52nd St. on Thursday morning, cellphone video obtained by The Post shows.</p>

<p>The male sanitation worker drops to the sidewalk as a woman is heard screaming in the background. The shooter and a man in a yellow North Face bubble jacket flee in a car as concerned passersby attend to the wounded worker, with blood visible on the concrete, according to the video, shot by a witness from an apartment above.</p>

<p>The worker was shot once in the leg and is expected to survive, cops said.</p>

<p>A second video shot from the street shows the scene moments before the shots rang out in a dispute that the NYPD says was between the worker and his daughter’s ex-boyfriend.</p>

<p>A New York City sanitation worker was shot at point-blank range on a sidewalk in Hell’s Kitchen during a fight at 515 W. 52nd St.<br />
The sanitation worker is seen grabbing a man and throwing him to the ground, then repeatedly kicking him in the head as he lies on the sidewalk. It’s not clear if the man on the ground is the daughter’s ex-boyfriend.</p>

<p>“Don’t do that!,” one man is heard yelling repeatedly as the DSNY worker administers the brutal beating.</p>

<p>Several other people are seen trying to intervene and are involved in the dispute.</p>

<p>The shooting took place around 11 a.m. outside the man’s daughter’s apartment after the argument broke out, an NYPD spokeswoman told The Post.</p>

<p>The boyfriend and his brother arrived at the apartment, prompting the woman to call her father.</p>

<p>The scene unfolds when the NYPD says there was a dispute between the worker and his daughter’s ex-boyfriend before shots were fired.<br />
Police said they don’t yet know who fired the shot.</p>

<p>The suspects fled in a black Mercedes belonging to the victim, and police put out an alert for the vehicle.</p>

<p>The city employee was taken to St. Luke’s Hospital with a bullet wound to his left thigh.</p>

<p>The victim’s condition wasn’t immediately available.</p>

<p>He was the second sanitation worker injured in two days.</p>

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