Group of Loony Leftist AZU Students Harass and Vandalize the Property of the Daughter of the AZ GOP Chairman

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Description: <p>In the past, Graham has spoken at rallies in support of President Donald J. Trump. She also currently works for Republican Congressman Paul Gosar of Arizona, helping to produce his ‘Gosar Minute’ segments. Recently, Graham says she was greeted by an angry “mob” of students outside her dorm room. “A mob showed up to my dorm room pounding on my door, yelling profanity, telling me I should not be there, and that I am not welcome,” Graham revealed. “A second, even larger group showed up and continued the foul and offensive behavior.” “The students visited my dorm because I’m simply a conservative. I have pictures on my Instagram with President Trump, and have spoken at his rallies in the 2016 campaign. People find that out and target me,” she added. Graham says she has, “never seen or spoken to any of the individuals that targeted me.” Graham wants her university to know “that the culture at AU is toxic.”</p>
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«Yeah the trump traitor should be locked in prison for treason»