Teacher Just Watches as a Female Student is Repeatedly Punched in the Back of Her Head until Unconscious

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Description: <p>Las Vegas-The Clark County School District has confirmed that they are aware of the video that we posted earlier today of a girl being brutally beaten unconscious while students and teachers watched and even laughed in the background. Sadly, as usual CCSD seems more concerned with the video getting out and parents seeing what actually happens inside these schools than stopping the daily violence, riots, stabbings and assaults inside Las Vegas Schools.</p>
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5 +1 -1 MRmuscledisorder 1 year ago

«The teacher would get it if it was my kid»

0 +1 -1 IHaveAnInvertedChoad 1 year ago

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1 +1 -1 odday1 1 year ago

«Fuckin slut got caught carpet munching some other whore and paid the price. what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas »

2 +1 -1 FuckTheMetaverse 1 year ago

«burn a few of them at the stake the rest will fall in line pronto»

2 +1 -1 nubsMalone 1 year ago

«Teachers aren't police. If students are violent idiots the school district can station security guards in classrooms.»

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