Ex-Girlfriend Destroys Guy's Home, Gets Arrested, Makes Bail, Comes Back To Burn and Flood The Place

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<p>A 23-year-old Illinois man claims he could only stand by and watch as his ex-girlfriend completely destroyed his house with a hammer on Monday morning. Corey Van Gorden's sister Holly posted the whole episode on TikTok, claiming they had to call police six times before she was arrested. After that, they claim, she bonded out of jail, broke back in to the Watseka home, and burned all his stuff in the bathtub, before flooding the basement. According to Holly, the outburst was triggered by the break-up. The insane footage appears to show the 19-year-old ex, whom he had been dating almost one year, methodically and calmly smash the shower doors, windows, and every single glass panel she comes across, periodically stopping to chat with her ex Corey as he helplessly films. "Love you," she smiles before putting out his bathroom windows. "Why don't we just talk about all the good times we had like we used to?" she ponders at one point, before she resumes right on obliterating. And as if the video wasn't already crazy enough, she smashes all that glass while in her bare feet: Walking through the aftermath of the rampage showed shattered glass everywhere; his computer, monitor, keyboard and mattress all destroyed. A flatscreen TV had been pulled off the wall, wallpaper torn down, and in the kitchen the oven and all the cabinets had been smashed. They counted a total of 71 holes in the walls. According to Holly, it took half a dozen visits from the police that night before she was finally arrested for felony criminal damage; a picture of the police report appears to confirm officers were called out six times. She says police told her that because the ex is "considered a resident of your house and can destroy anything" — so she continued to do so. Sadly for Corey, his ordeal was only half over. He claims that while he and his mom were out trying to get an emergency restraining order, the ex returned and broke into the house to pick up where she left off. He posted a second video which he says shows her after she bonded out of jail — wearing her "orange jail shoes" — returning to steal his external security cameras, before breaking in with a crowbar. On her second visit, Holly said the ex took her brother's birth certificate, social security card and his suits to the bathtub and burned them. The video shows the charred remains, and the blowtorch. "Whatever she didn't burn she stole from him," Holly said. Holly said she then went to the garage and smashed his car windshield, before heading to the basement and flooding it. When they returned to the house, the basement was under 3 inches of water.</p>
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«The cunt deserves strangling to death.»

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«This is why everyone should be armed.»