Yaser Said FINALLY Convicted for the 2008 Brutal Honor Killings of his Two Daughters

Posted on August 12,2022
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He killed them because he said they lived an "un-Islamic" lifestyle. His Muslim family helped him be a fugitive for 12 years. Said's daughters Sarah, 17, and Amina Said, 18, were found dead in 2008, slumped in Said's borrowed taxi as it was parked in front of the Omni Hotel in Irving. The girls died of multiple gunshot wounds. Their deaths been described as so-called "honor killings" -- because they believed Said was upset that his daughters had been dating outside the Muslim faith. In her final moments, Said's younger daughter Sarah managed to call 911 and identify her father as the shooter. In the wake of his daughters' death, Said hid from authorities as they sought to arrest him. He eluded law enforcement for 12 years, and eventually ended up on the FBI’s Top 10 Most Wanted list. He was later found at a home in Justin, Texas, just 30 miles from where Sarah and Amina were killed. Upon detaining Said in 2020, the FBI also arrested his son and brother on charges of harboring a fugitive. Each of those men has since been convicted and sentenced to more than a decade in prison. Yaser, by all accounts and even his own, was the last person known to have seen the girls alive that day. "All signs always pointed to Yaser Said. Period," prosecutor Lauren Black told jurors during closing arguments. "And we have an eye witness to the crime. sarah said tells you who her killer is. Black replayed Sarah's 911 for jurors, where she says her dad shot her. Their mother, Patricia, became visibly emotional. "She’s screaming out from the grave," Black said. "He’s here. He did it." Black reminded jurors about the email Amina wrote on Dec. 21, just days her death. Amina told her teacher that she and her sister were running away because they feared their father. "He has simply made our lives a nightmare," the email said. "...I know that he will search til he finds us and he without any drama or any doubt kill us." At the end of six days in the capital murder trial, jurors deliberated for about three hours before returning their guilty verdict Tuesday afternoon. Over the course of the trial, prosecutors painted a picture of Said as a jealous and angry man who controlled his daughters' lives. They detailed the brutal nature with which his daughters were murdered, and they described it in graphic detail.



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