Woman With Child in SUV Goes Full GTA Mode, Tries to Run Over Cops, Civilians

Posted on July 21,2022
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Byron, Georgia — On Friday, July 15, 2022, Byron Police officers were given a lookout on an SUV driving recklessly on GA Hwy 42 coming into town. The caller said the vehicle was driving into the other lane almost hitting oncoming traffic. When the vehicle got to the intersection of Hwy 42 and Hwy 49 witnesses blocked the vehicle in. Byron Police officers arrived on the scene and attempts were made to talk to the driver and she was uncooperative and would not talk to officers or respond to commands. Officers placed Stop Sticks under her tires to deflate the tires if she drove off. After several minutes the driver backed into a car stopped behind her and then pulled forward hitting a Byron Police officer and a Byron Police car. The driver then backed up again and pulled forward hitting two witnesses and another Byron Police car and drove going north on Hwy 49 with one flat tire from the Stop Sticks. Officers attempted to block the car and she backed into a third Byron Police Car and then drove forward hitting a Byron Police car for the second time causing serious damage to the car.



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