Viral Video Shows a Family Assaulting Woman Because She Dated a Non-Muslim

Posted on May 11,2022
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A horrific video has gone viral on social media showing a young Muslim woman getting brutally punched and stomped by her own brother for the crime of going on a date with a non-Muslim man. The video seems to take place in the family kitchen where the brother is seen punching the cowering woman in the face while the mother and sister do nothing to stop the assault. The brother drags the sister into the middle of the kitchen floor where he punches her to the point she nearly passes out. He then tosses water on her to revive her only to try and assault her some more. If you think this happened in Pakistan, guess again, this was the United States. The language seems to be Russian so mostly likely, these are Chechen Muslims. It is not yet known which state this was or if any arrests were made.



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