Mindless Climate Activist Lights Himself on Fire at Tennis Match only to Discover Fire is Hot!

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Description: <p>An apparent protester at the Laver Cup, a tennis tournament being held in London, shocked onlookers by rushing onto the court and setting himself on fire. The incident occurred at London’s O2 Arena, during a match between Greek player Stefanos Tsitsipas and Argentina’s Diego Schwartzmen overnight. During the changeover after Tsisipas won the first set, 6-2, a man breached the court wearing a T-shirt which read “End UK Private Jets”. Videos shot by multiple spectators show the man storming onto the court with a lighter in his hand, before he sat down by the net, poured liquid on his right arm, and set fire to it. In the clips, flames can be seen creeping up his arm before he started shaking it after discovering fire is actually pretty hot. In the meantime, some of the liquid splashed on the court and a small fire developed on the tarmat, prompting a security guard to extinguish the flames with his jacket as the man was dragged off court.</p>
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