UPDATE: Guy was a Real Police Officer: Mexico City Metro might get you Splashed (Mature Content)

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UPDATE: Guy was a Real Police Officer: Mexico City Metro might get you Splashed (Mature Content) This is a Mature Video.

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Actor who participated with Luna Bella in the CDMX Metro turned out to be a real police officer.

Last Monday, July 8, a series of images and videos went viral on the X platform, formerly known as Twitter , in which the adult actress, Luna Bella , can be seen in the Mexico City Metro , doing a very racy scene with two men.

“We all thought he was an actor. No wonder they gave him a chance to film on the subway, he had connections”; “WAS HE A REAL POLICE OFFICER!? Holy crap, I thought he was an actor. That makes the video even more murky,” are some of the comments that can be read in the publication of journalist Carlos Jiménez in X and demonstrate the disbelief and surprise of Internet users.

The same journalist, Carlos Jiménez , through his X account , shared a post in which Jorge López Villegas can be identified as a police officer and as the one who participated with the erotic content creator Luna Bella .
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0 +1 fameandshame 1 week ago

«The actress Luna Bella never left her roots, in fact she did the same in Monterrey in 2013, she will never stop seeking attention.»

3 +1 KillallZionJew 1 week ago

«All girls who fuck two guy and more at the same time deserve to be beheaded»

0 +1 billiexXxjean 1 week ago

«They should put some jalapeño in that hole to spice it up :devil:»

0 +1 SicBoy 1 week ago

«That's a tranny they're fucking.»

0 +1 Coco029 1 week ago

«Straight pisca I would of kicked you that bitch in the head»

4 +1 southgate 1 week ago

«What the fuck is wrong with people? You all realize that "squirting" is mostly piss right? Jeez Louise...»

2 +1 SicBoy 1 week ago

«@southgate it's 100%i piss»

0 +1 Starsailor 1 week ago

«As squirting goes - she's got champion bladder muscles . .»

0 +1 LordTorquemada 1 week ago

«So they came via the metro?»

1 +1 Dicklover1900 1 week ago

«Can be seen as an attack. In those countries noone will bat an eye if you kick her in the face. Maybe that will get the message through her thick skull.»

2 +1 fordmadion 1 week ago

«Pink eye anyone?»

3 +1 Essohbe 1 week ago

«Is this a beer commercial?»