NY Gas Ban is Closer than you Think.

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Description: NY Gas Ban is Closer than you Think.
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4 +1 -1 gonegonegone 6 days ago

«These pieces of shit need to be in jail now... When they say "fossil fuels" you know they're full of shit.

They got these smart meters in place, it's a giant fucking control grid. Electricity can be monitored, turned off through your smart meters... Gas, can not. They simply want to clamp down control, by giving you an allowance of power, that can be shut down at anytime.. They also want to know what people use their electricity for on a day to day basis.. These people will be able to tell how long of a hot water shower you're taking.

The whole goal is to limit you, and lower your standard of life. In one generation of this bullshit, kids growing up with this shit will be used to it, and wont question it.

It's alllllll about control, these fuckers do NOT believe in climate change.