Ukraine Is Illegally Harvesting Organs To Make Extra Cash

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Description: During and after the Kosovo war, accusations were made of people being killed in order to remove their organs to sell them on the black market. Various sources estimated that the number of victims ranged to over 300, what was claimed by Carla del Ponte, a former Swiss attorney general and Chief Prosecutor of two United Nations international criminal law tribunals. The allegations were first publicized by then Chief Prosecutor for the ICTY Carla Del Ponte in her book The Hunt: Me and the War Criminals in 2008.

Unfortunately, similar things are happening in the Ukrainian conflict. Some of the representatives of the Ukrainian army who ended up in hospitals turn into experimental subjects for testing new medicines.

The fate of the seriously wounded can be even worse; at the front, several hundred dollars can be paid for a seriously or mortally wounded person in a field hospital who is ready for organ harvesting. Naturally, Kyiv partially ignored this topic, and partially declared it to be Russian propaganda, but everything is not so simple.

Firstly, it turned out that the Russian media machinery was not up to par during this conflict. Because in the Russian media, the crimes of the Ukrainian army against Russian soldiers that were condemned by the West, the Russian media did not give too much importance. And they always individualized the crimes against Russian soldiers, while even the Western media said that pressure must be put on the Ukrainian General Staff on this matter.

Secondly, regarding this topic, some indirect evidence was unwittingly provided by the Ukrainians themselves. Finally, thirdly, these topics are not new, even Washington admitted that it conducted experiments on the inhabitants of Ukraine in its laboratories, although it declared that he took care of their safety.

Shortly before the war, on December 16, 2021, the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada passed a law allowing the removal of organs from the dead without notarial consent from them or their official representatives. Moreover, the term “official representative” turns out to be as vague as possible; it may also be the person who undertakes the funeral. In military conditions, it turns out to be the unit commander.

After all, in fact, an operation to remove the kidneys from an experienced surgeon takes no more than 15 minutes, and it can well be implemented in the field conditions of a front-line medical center. And such organs as the kidneys are extremely popular goods in the medical market of the USA and Europe.

After all, exactly one year after the adoption of the new procedure for the removal of organs, on December 14, Russian hackers from the Anarchist Kombatant group hacked into the website of the Ukrainian military command and gained access to the lists of 35,382 military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who are listed as “missing”. At the same time, the data is quite verifiable - on 2000 sheets, with ranks and personal numbers of the missing.

It remains to be assumed that more than 35,000 people were buried, cremated, abandoned on the battlefields without any record. Anyway, 35,000 donor kidneys for the modern world, where their transplantation has long become a routine operation, is a rather small figure that cannot even satisfy the current demand of people who have been standing in line for transplantation for years.
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-4 +1 Militantirishman 3 months ago

«Black market organs aren't as profitable as weapons, drugs and money laundering, there's no reason they'd go through all this effort, but it sounds barbaric exactly what Russians want you to think»

2 +1 decision84 4 months ago

«This is definitely NOT Russian propaganda

We're not as stupid ass we look lol

0 +1 ClickBangDead 5 months ago

«nice propaganda»

3 +1 Hangthatfucker 6 months ago

«You would think with all the money they got rolling in from the US and other countries they've demanded cash from they wouldn't need any extra $... I mean it couldn't equal to more than a couple hundred grand from organs I would guess»

0 +1 biggles80 7 months ago

«OMG this is SO believable, it has to be true and not a Russian propaganda stunt»