Two Men Killed, Suspect Cuffed In Bronx Shooting Stemming from Baby Shower Dispute.

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<p>Two men died in a Bronx shooting on Saturday night connected to a fight that began at a baby shower they attended, it was reported.</p>

<p>Police sources said Wayne Smith, 28, of New Rochelle allegedly shot Arnold Oliver, 24 of Peekskill moments after Wayne Smith’s brother, Jamal Smith, 28, of New Rochelle, was shot during the dispute.</p>

<p>According to police, the bloodshed happened just before 10:54 p.m. on Feb. 12 near the corner of East 198th Street and Webster Avenue in Fordham Manor.</p>

<p>Sources familiar with the investigation said that Oliver and Jamal Smith were involved in a dispute at an event hall where they and Wayne Smith attended a baby shower.</p>

<p>The dispute quickly spilled outside the location, and during the fracas, authorities said, Jamal Smith was shot in the face.</p>

<p>Law enforcement sources said that led to a retaliatory incident in which Wayne Smith pulled the trigger on Oliver, shooting him in the chest. </p>

<p>Officers from the 52nd Precinct, in responding to a 911 call for assistance at the location. Both Jamal Smith and Oliver were rushed to St. Barnabas Hospital, and pronounced dead at the scene.</p>

<p>Hours later, detectives booked Wayne Smith on murder and criminal possession of a weapon charges.</p>
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«as long as they only shoot each other I don't see a problem»

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«@salivaspankfuck - you are a miserable person. I hope karma pays you a visit. ( or you get shot by your own race bc you probably don't know what karma is .)»