Vegan Karen Tells Guy Fishing to Become A Vegan, Warns Him of Giants Coming to Eat Babies

Posted on September 13,2022
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Just imagine for a moment if you will, you're a hard-working fella looking for a peaceful morning to do a little fishing for relaxation and this whack-a-doodle comes out of nowhere and starts rambling on about veganism and giants eating human babies. The woman starts off by telling him his lures may get caught in a fish's mouth or throat, which is the whole purpose of a lure. She goes on to tell him that may hurt the fish to which he explains, he is there to catch and then eat the fish. The woman continues, she says he should become a vegan because it isn't fair he's killing fish to which he cleverly responds, he is catching fish that eat other fish so it Is actually fair. This is where the convo goes off the rails. The woman then goes JRR Tolkien, explaining how giants will come to eat human babies or some such madness. It's all gibberish, something about taking out milk, who the hell knows at this point. The fisherman tells her the pikes are eating the duck's babies so he is doing them a service. The woman tells him to go on a soy diet as if we need more feminine men voting Democrat. The man tells her he'll think about, which he won't, then goes on to catch a beauty!



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