Utah School Bus Driver Under Investigation After Caught on Video Threatening to Shoot The Kids

Posted on September 14,2022
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A Utah school bus driver who told elementary students she'd "shoot them" if another one questioned her driving has led the district to condemn and investigate the incident. "One more person says 'Where are we going?,' I'm going to shoot them," the driver is overheard saying in a video obtained and broadcast by FOX 13 News in Salt Lake City. "OK, now listen — I missed the stop; I'm trying to turn around. Do you understand? OK. Sit down and be quiet." The comments were captured on video shot Friday by a Dry Creek Elementary School student aboard the bus and forwarded to the TV station by the student's parent, the station reported. The Alpine School District, in Saratoga Springs, responded by placing the unidentified driver on administrative leave pending an investigation. "We strongly condemn any threatening action or language directed toward others," the district says in a statement shared with PEOPLE. "We expect all employees to create safe and nurturing environments free of verbal or physical threats. Appropriate action will be taken to ensure this matter is addressed and not repeated."



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