Thug Picked The Wrong Dentist Office To Rob

Posted on November 30,-0001
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Security cameras at a dental clinic in Ceilândia, in the Federal District, Brazil, captured an attempted robbery on Thursday and the reaction of a military police officer who happened to be in the dentist's chair. The video starts with the arrival of two men, each armed with knives, in the waiting room. The men tell everyone to hand over their belongings. One of the robbers is then seen entering the dentist's room while she had a patient in the chair. What the robbers didn't know is that, inside, the person being served was a military policeman. After telling the officer to get on the ground, the suspect goes behind him to remove his belongings but a quick move turns the tables as the officer disarms the thug and pulls his firearm to end the situation. The other suspect runs off but was captured later thanks to his mug being on surveillance video.

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