The Absolute Sh*thole That is San Francisco Gets Worse by the Day.

Posted on September 10,2022
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Just another day in progressive-run San Francisco, where the homeless are free to take over the streets and make the rich white liberals nervous, which is fine by most of us. These homeless gathered around two other bums who decided to brawl just a couple of blocks away from Silicon Valley. One vagrant even tried to break the two fighters up with a broom handle. A flood of new images from the streets of San Francisco have brought into stark focus the extent of the city's ongoing homelessness problem, which has driven some businesses to threaten to withhold tax payments. Rows of tents were pictured lined up outside businesses with people's belongings strewn across the sidewalk. Homeless individuals, some of whom were struggling with clear physical ailments as well as drug and alcohol addiction, sat in the street right outside entrances to residential properties and small businesses struggling to bounce back after highly restrictive COVID laws forced them to close, destroying revenues. A new addendum to this year’s Homeless Point-In-Time Count paints a much starker picture than we’d realized, as it estimates that an astonishing 20,000 people in San Francisco will experience homelessness at some point this year.



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