Taco Bell Being Sued After Two Women Confront Workers Behind Counter and Got Boil Water Poured on Them

Posted on July 25,2022
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Fox Business News- A woman claims that she and a young girl who went to a Taco Bell in Dallas, Texas, were left feeling like they were "burning from the inside out" after a store manager allegedly covered them in boiling water. A lawsuit filed July 13 in Dallas County Circuit Court claims that Brittany Davis and the daughter of Kira Davis identified only as "C.T." complained repeatedly that their order had not been prepared properly, when an employee threatened to fight them before the manager doused them in hot water, causing significant pain and disfigurement. "Due to the scalding water that remained in their clothes against their bodies, C.T. and Brittany felt like they were ‘burning from the inside out,’" the complaint states. "The store they believed would be [a] place of service and safety quickly turned into [a] place of horrors." The alleged incident took place on June 17, when the plaintiffs ordered food from the Taco Bell. The complaint says they went through the drive-thru three times in an attempt to get the food they ordered, claiming that the bag they initially received was missing items they had requested. The plaintiffs claim that after showing the receipt and the contents of their bag, the employees refused to fix the error or continue helping them at the drive-thru. At this point, the lawsuit says, Brittany Davis and C.T. parked and approached the front door of the Taco Bell, which was locked. An employee let them in right away and locked the door behind them, but after ten minutes of discussing the issue, employees allegedly "became combative" and refused to get them the food they asked for. It was at this point, the complaint states, that the manager, who they claim was not involved in the situation until this point, "came from behind the counter with a scalding bucket of water and poured it onto C.T. and Brittany." The two customers immediately tried to flee, they claim, but the locked door made it difficult to do so. Eventually, they got out and got into a car, and family members took them to a local emergency room. They allege that before they got out, the manager had returned with another bucket of hot water, but they left before she was able to pour it on them.



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