Points Overview

What are YNC Ranks?

At the YNC, we have created a feature for our users that are exclusively on theync.com Our YNC Ranks, track the overall points you have won in your life-time, for being a member at theync.com The more points you get, the higher rank you become! Underground members have the benefit to rank higher.

What are Badges?

Badges can have several meanings... they are for bragging rights, you can collect them, you can show them off to other YNC users, they are simply fun! You can win badges pretty much the same way as you win points. Watch 25 videos, win a badge, Rate 100 videos and win a badge. There are some easy badges, some rare badges and some limited badges.


What are Badge Albums?

Every type of badge has its own Badge Album. You can view your badge albums as well as view other users badge albums. All of your Badges you won for lets say "Watching Videos" will go in your "Watchinig Videos" badge album. There might be 10 total badges for "Watching Videos", lets see if you can collect them all!

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