Punjabi Man Mercilessly Attacked by 3 Axe Wielding Racist Psychopaths

Posted on August 11,2022
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Peel Regional Police say they are investigating after a home surveillance video shows a man being violently attacked by three men in his Brampton, Ont. driveway after he enters his white Jeep. The video, dated Aug. 4, shows a driveway outside of a home in a residential neighbourhood. It appears to show a resident walking to his white Jeep Rubicon, getting in, and then three men run toward the vehicle as one man armed with an axe smashes the window. The driver gets out of the vehicle, attempting to fend off the three attackers. One man is armed with a machete, while one has an axe, the video shows. Eventually, the victim gets pulled out of the vehicle by his foot and he pushes past the three men, only to get attacked by the suspects just behind the Jeep at the end of his driveway slightly out of frame.



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