Police Officer Fired After Pulling Gun on Newspaper Delivery Man Who Was Not a Suspect

Posted on November 30,-0001
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A white police officer lost his job after a video emerged showing him pulling a gun on a Black 19-year-old delivering newspapers while off-duty. Details about the situation have emerged recently due to the officer, Chad Vorce, appealing his termination. The incident in the video occurred in DeWitt, Michigan, in January, and he was terminated by the DeWitt Police Department the following May. Vorce claims that he confronted the man, Alexander Hamilton, because he thought he might have been a suspect in a string of car break-ins at the time. The off-duty officer then followed Hamilton around once he noticed him driving in a van around his neighborhood, at one point asking if he needed directions. "He fits the same description, black hoodie... frickin' Black guy," Vorce could be heard saying in the video. After the incident where the gun was pulled on him, Hamilton went to a nearby gas station. He later told police that he was not aware at the time that Vorce was a cop.


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