Police Burst into a Man's Home and Savagely Beat Him Allegedly over a

Posted on July 22,2022
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It all unfolded over the weekend in Oakland when police say they were trying to conduct a traffic stop. WREG obtained an affidavit for the incident from the Fayette County General Sessions Court. Oakland Police said on Saturday around 7:30 p.m., 25-year-old Brandon Calloway failed to stop at a stop sign and drove 32 mph in a 20 mph zone. Officers said when they tried to pull him over, he refused to stop and instead drove half a mile to his home and “started running into the house reaching into his pockets… yelling “this is my expletive house and I did stop for the stop sign.” His attorney Andre Wharton is disputing the allegations. “It was as if this was a retaliatory vindictive response to a situation that just got out of hand,” Wharton said. According to police, they had to kick in the door to gain entry to the house and eventually had to tase and use a baton to bring Calloway into custody. Wharton said Calloway is a college grad and entrepreneur who was completing a DoorDash order and unarmed during what he calls an animalistic assault. “Nothing unlawful about doing a DoorDash in a nice vehicle,” he said. “This happened in a very short time period but obviously for Brandon, it seemed like an eternity when you have batons and tasers in your face and you’re wondering why am I being beaten.” Oakland Police said Calloway was taken into custody after he was cleared for his injuries. The incident was captured on the officer’s body cameras along with an officer’s car camera.



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