Oakland Such a Shithole, City is Asking National Guard for Help

Posted on June 16,2022
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OAKLAND (KPIX) -- Neighbors in Oakland's Fruitvale District said they're seeing an uptick in gun violence near the intersection of Foothill Boulevard and 35th Avenue in recent months. They shared surveillance videos of shootings, including a murder, with KPIX. Neighbors said there was a non-injury shooting there on April 29, a robbery that turned deadly on May 12 and drive-by shooting on June 5. "I always make sure I have some kind of weapon like a pepper spray or a little baton -- something -- that's become our norm. It's feeling like you always have to be ready to fight, which is a horrible feeling," said Renee, who declined to provide her last name. She has lived in the Fruitvale District for 20 years. "I used to walk. I didn't have a car. I rode my bike and I walked everywhere but not anymore," Renee said. Renee shared the surveillance video of the May 12 robbery. It showed three gunmen trying to rob a vending cart at the intersection. East Palo Alto police investigate fatal shooting of 15-year-old boy When the customers fought back, a gunman shot a man in the head at close range. Oakland police say he died at the hospital. "It's so horrible this man died waiting to get food, to get fried chicken and French fries," Renee said. Councilman Noel Gallo represents the Fruitvale District. He said police have not arrested anyone in those recent shootings. Councilman Gallo said the police force is down by roughly 100 officers and allied agencies have staffing issues as well and can't help as much.



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