Newlyweds Sets Themselves On Fire At Wedding

Posted on May 19,2022
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Stuntmen of newlyweds set on fire on their wedding day in Utah

No rice-throwing for this couple: Pyromaniac newlyweds literally went out in a blaze of glory after setting themselves on fire to end their wedding ceremony. A video of the nuptial pyrotechnics currently boasts more than 15.2 million viral views online as of Friday afternoon.

“Their wedding exit makes sparklers look boring,” reads the caption to the absolutely lit clip, which was posted Monday by wedding DJ Russ Powell.

The lovebirds are Gabe Jessop and Ambyr Mishelle, 42-year-old stunt doubles who work on TV and film sets such as “Yellowstone” and “Hereditary,” so they decided to pay homage to their shared careers during their wedding.

However, very little could prepare most viewers for the stunt, which features flames that practically evoked a gender-reveal party gone awry, Jam Press reported.

The video of the knot-frying ceremony — captioned “when stunt people marry” — starts off traditionally enough, with the bride and groom standing side by side.

However, the event takes a smoldering turn after a man ignites Mishelle’s bouquet with a large incendiary device, whereupon they go up in blazes a la Nic Cage and Sam Elliott in “Ghost Rider.” 

The twin flames then jog down the aisle holding hands while guests cheer in the background, seemingly unbothered by the fact they’re both on fire.

The fiery footage ends with Jessop and Mishelle kneeling as a wedding attendant douses the hot action with a fire extinguisher.


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