Mother Shocked to Find Homeless Man Inside Her Son's Bedroom in Portland

Posted on September 16,2022
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A woman’s dogs alerted her to an intruder in her 10-year-old son’s bed in Oregon, multiple news outlets reported. Kelsey Smith was on her back deck on Tuesday, Sept. 13, in Portland when she heard her dogs begin to bark, KOIN reported. But Smith didn’t think anything of it at first because she didn’t hear her doorbell ring, the outlet reported. When the dogs continued to bark, she went into the home and saw a figure on her 10-year-old’s bed, KATU reported. “I got closer, and I realized it was a homeless person, and so I immediately backed out of the room and sort of hollering at my friend on the phone that I needed help,” Smith told the outlet. The woman in her son’s room jumped out of the bed and then threw an ottoman at Smith before running out of the home, all of which was caught on a Ring camera, KGW reported.



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