Mother Films Creep Following Her Daughter at Walmart, Turns out he's a Molester and Rapist

Posted on September 21,2022
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A mom claims she captured a would-be kidnapper following (and recording) her and her daughter while shopping. A quick search online would later reveal the terrifying identity of their alleged stalker. TikTok mom @dd_escapades had no idea an ordinary trip to Walmart would become a scary viral experience — but after posting her hair-raising footage, she quickly amassed over 8.9 million views and 17,000 comments. Now, she’s encouraging parents everywhere always to pay attention to their surroundings. What began as a normal shopping trip at her local Walmart quickly became a terrifying experience for @dd_escapades. Her now-viral footage begins with a shot of shoes hanging on a shelf, as she’s sneakily trying to capture the man she claims had been following her through the store. “I don’t know him, and he’s following me and recording me,” she says, zooming in on the man. Moments later, the space the man has just been occupying is suddenly empty. “Now he’s gone, after he realized I started recording him,” she adds. Accompanied only by her young daughter, @dd_escapades quickly found a Walmart employee and showed them the footage she had captured. The staff member informed the store manager, who sent employees out to find and remove the man. In a follow-up video, @dd_escapades informed followers of the terrifying discovery she’d made after looking up her alleged stalker. “He has been identified. He is a registered sex offender, class 1. … He was arrested for molestation and rape,” she states plainly in the video. According to @dd_escapades, she turned her footage and Walmart’s security footage over to the police and filed an official report. In another follow-up video, she shared that she would be pressing charges against the man.



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