LAWLESS: Louis Vuitton In San Francisco Gets Emptied Out By 8 Thugs

Posted on November 30,-0001
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Eight suspects were arrested in San Francisco on Friday night, accused of leaving a Louis Vuitton store in the city’s Union Square shopping district "emptied out," according to a report. Other high-end retailers, including Fendi and Yves Saint Laurent, also were struck, FOX 2 of the Bay Area reported. Police responded to the area around 8:10 p.m. on reports of looting and vandalism, the station reported. Videos posted on social media showed Louis Vuitton’s windows smashed and showed a masked suspect carrying a large amount of luxury merchandise to what appeared to be a getaway car, according to FOX 2. One video showed police officers on foot, catching up to a suspected getaway car and using their batons to smash its windshield and windows. Although several suspects initially got away, police did "great work" in ultimately apprehended the suspects, District 3 Supervisor Aaron Peskin told FOX 2. San Francisco has seen a rash of shoplifting and other retail crimes in recent months. Earlier this week, authorities linked a 41-year-old woman to the theft of more than $40,000 in merchandise from a Target store in the city. Earlier this month, the San Francisco Chronicle was mocked for asking if readers should learn to "tolerate burglaries" as "a part of city living."


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