Former FDNY Fireman Puts City Council on Blast in Epic Tear Down.

Posted on September 13,2022
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I love this guy.

Former FDNY Captain Brendan Fogarty, who lost his job due to NYC’s COVID-19 jab mandates, delivered a fiery speech at a Friday NYC Council meeting.

The New York City Council held the meeting to discuss an ’employment crisis,’ which has left roughly 23-24,000 city jobs vacant.

Obviously, there’s one easy step that NYC could take in the right direction to end this ’employment crisis.’

And that is to abolish the city’s illegal, reprehensible, and anti-science COVID-19 mandates.

Fogarty, in addition to dozens of fired teachers, police, sanitation, and healthcare workers, spoke out against the city’s mandates.

Fogarty dedicated his life to New York City for 20 years, rising through the ranks to become a captain.

“I was a captain for the New York City Fire Department. I served for 20 years, and I went from being essential to being disposable from the mandates. And my religious exemption was denied. And I received those threats of termination, and I retired. I would love to go back to my job,” Fogarty said.

“I gave my best years to this city, 20 years from 21 to 41, and then they take it away. At the peak of my earning career, I made it to captain. I went through that process. You should be ashamed of yourselves,” Fogarty asserted.

“We’re going to be on the right side of history. The people who are against us are against civil rights and religious freedom… Eric Adams is going to be on the wrong side of history,” Fogarty added.

“The same people who thought slavery was okay. The same people who thought segregation was okay. You segregated us!”

“I was allowed to work in this city, but I wasn’t allowed to eat in a restaurant in this city. I was allowed to work through the pandemic, but I wasn’t allowed to eat in a restaurant. I could wear the uniform, and go to a burning building, but not eat here. What’s wrong with you people? Trust the science. You guys are f**ked up!” Fogarty screamed angrily.

After Fogarty spoke, the crowd (mostly fellow NYC municipal workers fired due to mandates) erupted into applause.

The NYC Council directed the attendees to wave ‘jazz hands’ in agreeance with speakers.

However, Fogarty’s passionate speech overwhelmed the audience into cheers.



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