Florida Man Walks into a Bar, Orders a Drink, Pulls a Grenade

Posted on August 18,2022
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A Florida man was taken into custody after he was caught on camera pulling out an inoperable grenade inside a bar in Wilton Manors. The incident happened Tuesday night at the Corner Pub at 1915 North Andrews Avenue. "What ran through my mind initially was 'oh my God, if that pin goes off we are dead,'" bartender Joseph Shakespeare said Wednesday. Shakespeare said he watched as the man, who Wilton Manors Police described as "emotionally disturbed," placed the grenade on the bar. "He was agitated. I served him a cocktail and than he goes 'don’t be scared' and he put a grenade up on the bar," Shakespeare said. "'You don’t want to mess up your pretty face.' I told him that. I said 'we are too pretty in here.' He started laughing and it went right back to anger. So that’s when I said I can’t diffuse this situation." Shakespeare said he remained calm and called his boss, Corner Bar owner Anthony Henne, who called police. Before officers arrived the man was distracted while everyone quietly escaped the bar.



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