Entitled Snowflake Attacks a Projector Showing a Kamala Harris Meme

Posted on September 22,2022
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A man was arrested Tuesday night after attacking a projector at a Turning Point USA “Meme Wars” event, according to Benny Johnson’s account of the events on social media. Johnson, a former Daily Caller employee, was hosting an event at the University of Iowa about memes when he displayed one of Vice President Kamala Harris. The meme showed Harris exiting her home saying “oh my God I love it!” as a mariachi singer danced in front of the bus and mariachi music played in the background, seemingly in a nod to the migrants that were bused to the Vice President’s home by Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott earlier in September. The original, non-meme video showed Harris’ excitement when she saw her campaign bus during the 2020 presidential election. The meme seemed to strike a nerve for one man, who walked from the back of the room and kicked in the projector before cursing.



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