DoorDash Driver Confronts Woman who Said she Didn't get Her Food Even Though She Did.

Posted on July 29,2022
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This man uploaded a video to social media to call out a woman who falsely claimed she did not receive her Chipotle burrito even though she did and got the DoorDash delivery man fired. The man asks the woman why she would do that since it's his only source of income but she can't even look him in the eye. The driver writes she is Kaybeth Mendez she’s in the US army. He also follows up later: ''I talked to the older guy and he didn’t care whatsoever. I also called and talked to the manager and they don’t have cameras surprisingly. I talked to Doordash and they helped me out and got it removed. Shoutout to DD support they always help me out tremendously. I’m almost 5 years clean from heroin all I’m trying to do is hustle and make up for lost time because I really screwed my life up. And she’s putting my job in jeopardy over something so stupid this is how I pay my bills I love this job I don’t want to lose it because she doesn’t want to pay for her lunch I would’ve bought her lunch IDC. I found the girl's social media too and she’s in the US army smh.'' The driver later posts that he got his job back because of the video he posts, so happy endings all around,



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