Disgusting Woman Gets Her Little Kids to Steal at a Popular Crab House

Posted on June 18,2022
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A troubling scene at a Northside seafood store where a mother and her children are accused of stealing while an employee turned his back. The owner of the JJ’s Crab House sent News4JAX video because he said he could not believe a mother would encourage her children to do this. The owner and his employees say the store is no stranger to petty theft. They often let it go without making a big deal out of it because they say there’s very little police can do to catch the perpetrators. But they say it was hard to let it go this time. In the video, a female in a black dress is ordering a seafood meal to go. The store owner said her mother and siblings can be seen behind her. Islam Ibrahim is the store employee behind the counter in the video. Ibrahim said the mom and her kids all ransacked the refrigerator and took multiple bottled drinks that they quickly stuck in bags. But they didn’t know Ibrahim was watching their every move on a monitor in the back. He was keyed in on the mother who he says has been a regular customer. Both Ibrahim and the owner say the woman and her kids are no longer welcomed in the store.



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