Denver Police Open Fire on Suspect, End up Shooting Bystanders Outside of Club Instead

Posted on August 18,2022
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DENVER (AP) — Denver’s district attorney says she is opening a grand jury investigation into the actions of three police officers who wounded six bystanders while shooting at an armed suspect in a crowded downtown Denver nightlife zone last month. The officers had already been placed on administrative leave pending a separate internal investigation into the July 17 shooting, which happened as dozens of patrons left bars that were closing for the night in the city's Lower Downtown neighborhood. “The public’s interest in this particular shooting incident is understandably high,” District Attorney Beth McCann said in a statement announcing the new investigation on Tuesday. “For the community to trust in the outcome from this incident, it is important that independent members of the community review the facts, evidence and law regarding whether these officers should be criminally charged.” Police have said the three officers, whose names have not been made public, fired seven times in the confrontation with suspect Jordan Waddy, who police say was armed. The gunfire erupted as a nearby group of partygoers left a bar and gathered at a food truck.



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