Crazy Karen Confronts Woman Who Flashed Entire Stadium... Chaos Ensues.

Posted on January 12,2022
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Several supercross fans got into a wild skirmish on Saturday night -- and it all appeared to start because a woman showed her boobs to the crowd. The crazy scene all went down at the Anaheim 1 Supercross event at Angel Stadium -- when in the upper rows of the venue, a woman flashed her bare chest while holding her beverage with her teeth. Another woman seemed to be so pissed over the sight ... she left her seat a short time later and confronted the fan, complaining about the topless move. In a video of the altercation, you can hear the woman say repeatedly, "There's children!" The response from people in the section, though, was not exactly great -- they told her to sit back down, and eventually, they threw drinks on her. That's when the woman snapped -- and tried to fight people.



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