Busted Trying to Steal from Macy's, Creep Has a Complete Nuclear Level Meltdown

Posted on August 10,2022
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PALO ALTO — Police on Monday arrested a Santa Cruz man who they say shoplifted clothing and perfume at the Stanford Shopping Center, shoved two security officers who attempted to detain him, and tried to rob an elderly man of his cellphone as he made his getaway. But the 49-year-old suspect didn’t get too far after the alleged shoplifting and robbery, according to a news release from Palo Alto police. Officers found the suspect in the mall and took him into custody without incident. At 3:19 p.m. Monday, police received a call from a loss prevention officer, reporting a shoplifting in progress at the Macy’s in the shopping center on El Camino Real, the release said. Security personnel observed the suspect shoplifting approximately $350 in perfume and clothing. When the suspect left the department store without paying, loss prevention officers tried to stop him, the release said. But he shoved both away and walked out into the mall.



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